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Shekudo is a sustainable women’s footwear and accessories brand founded in Sydney, Australia which relocated its manufacturing base to Lagos, Nigeria in 2018. Now under the sole creative direction of Akudo Iheakanwa, the brand aims to contribute to Nigeria’s footwear manufacturing sector, while helping to preserve and shine the spotlight on the often overlooked artisanry and craftsmanship.

After re-launching the brand, Shekudo has grown from a team of four to 14 artisans, all based in Lagos. Shekudo prides itself on being a socially responsible, slow-fashion brand with a major focus on women’s empowerment. They seek to produce high quality, hand-made pieces, which are both rich in story and design aesthetic, and completely traceable in the production process.

With a major focus on sustainability, the designer integrates some of Nigeria’s age-old techniques and under-utilised local resources into its contemporary aesthetic, with processes such as weaving, silver and wood-work. Traditional West African textiles such as Aso Oke and Akwete are incorporated into elegant footwear and accessories, while raw, sustainable materials are used wherever possible—from recycled in-soles to the heels that are hand-carved using local wood. Shekudo’s classic designs range from timeless heeled mules and summer-ready, slip-on flats, to artisanal jewelry and unconventionally shaped bags, all rendered in soft yet vibrant colors.

One of the younger contemporary African brands to achieve such success internationally, Shekudo has been called “the Made-in-Lagos brand to know” by American Vogue.


  • Fashions Finest Africa, Shoe Designer of the Year, Winner, 2019

  • Emerge Alara Awards, Finalist, 2018