Designed by

Lynda Cazilhac

Production Location

Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, France

Year launched




Founded in 2019 by Franco-Ivorian designer Lynda Cazilhac, Kalyca offers ready-to-wear pieces inspired by the cultural and artisanal heritage of Africa and France. Based in the Provence region of the latter, Abidjan-born Cazilhac is driven by a desire to highlight the craftsmanship of West African textiles to the world, creating garments from Faso Dan Fani fabrics, an indigo textile woven from cotton, kapok, and silk originating in Burkina Faso. Aesthetically, her creations are based on traditional African ceremonial wear. including boubou-style kaftans. The brand also offers more contemporary styles made according to the "tie and dye" process, a colored pattern technique wherein the fabrics are knotted and immersed in vegetable dye baths. These ancestral manual techniques are chosen due to their environmental consciousness and embodiment of Kalyca’s eco-responsible approach to garment production.

Guided by principles of timelessness, quality, and originality, Kalyca’s bold and colorful garments boast considered and elegant tailoring, their production entrusted to a workshop of expert craftspeople who prioritize quality, durability, and maximum comfort. These pieces are made from materials created by social collectives in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso who train local men and women in handcrafting techniques, offering them fair wages and valuable skills. To fight against this textile waste, Kalyca chose to make clothes that will last, denouncing overconsumption by utilizing a pre-order system that allows them to produce only the necessary quantities.

A true family business (the brand is run by Cazilhac with the help of her husband and former stylist mother), Kalyca describes their pieces as “ethnic chic”, offering collections that Cazilhac designs for every occasion. Whether it be a day at the office, a trip to the beach, or a far flung vacation, Kalyca’s offering of well-fitting blazers, feminine wrap dresses, laidback t-shirts, and stylish jumpsuits are a confident refinement of casual everyday pieces, exuding a spirit of vivacity and freedom that it easily imparts to its wearer.