Designed by

Ebuka Omaliko

Year launched




Based out of Lagos Nigeria, Maliko is an artisanal shoe and accessory brand known for its innovative designs and bespoke tailoring. Founded in 2015 by autodidact designer Ebuka Omaliko, the brand thoughtfully uses locally-procured leather in their production processes; processes that begin with a free-hand sketch by Omaliko and conclude with their expert construction by local in-house artisans and leather craftspeople.

According to Omaliko, the inspirations from which he draws are many. From his immediate environment and personal life experiences, to his interactions with people, his culture, and living in Nigeria, so many references color and influence his designs and design processes—his preference for fearless architectural silhouettes echoing the bold energy and authenticity of his patrons. Maliko is also noted for its sustainability and eco-friendly vision, utilizing processes of upcycling wherever possible.

Above all else, the brand takes pride in being socially responsible and an advocate for sustainable fashion. They also offer training to young people in the leather craft as a means of preserving Nigeria’s artisanal heritage and empowering youths.
“Every shoe that comes out from our studio is carefully and meticulously made; none is rushed. Every piece is an entire thought process,” Omaliko states. “Secondly, when you purchase from us, you should know that you're also touching lives, not one or two. If you look through our design process you'd realize each piece is made by different individuals who do not have access to the global market but are expressing their talents and crafts. So, when you purchase from us, you're improving the quality of life of these people and not just enriching the brand.”

In 2018, Maliko was named one of the winners of the 2018 Lagos Fashion Week Green Access Fashion Competition. The brand has also collaborated with notable designers in and outside of Nigeria including Bloke, Emmy Kasbit, and Imprint.


  • Winner, Lagos Fashion Week Green Access Fashion Competition, 2018