In 2018, Industrie Africa launched as a portal for designer discovery. An indispensable tool for the fashion industry, it soon garnered international critical acclaim for its unique digital showcase and vast representation of Africa’s emerging and luxury fashion industry.

Industrie Africa’s new Connect launch marks an inevitable return to the platform’s roots. Featuring a curated community of Africa’s contemporary fashion design pioneers, Connect offers a regional and global audience insight into the continent’s diverse fashion landscape.

As the ultimate beacon of connectivity, our mission is to design a credible tool for industry information, education, and collaboration through indispensable resources and content. With this infrastructure, Connect strives to support the development of the next generation of talent within the local fashion industry.


Each designer is hand-selected, with our rigorous eligibility criteria and guidance from our advisory board. Designers on this list are viewed through the lens of unique global potential. Each is an active contributor to the industry, advancing the African fashion landscape in their own respect.
We consider the following criteria in order to be deemed eligible for this list.
✓ African Origins
Brands must have regional roots and/or a base on the continent; designers must identify with Africa being their place of origin.
✓ Product Categories
Brands must produce clothing, accessories, jewelry, or shoes. General lifestyle brands, home, custom, bridal or fine jewelry are currently exempt from this list. 
✓ Seasonal Collections
Brands must release at least one full collection annually, well-photographed and/or formally showcased.
✓ International Exposure and Distribution
All of the designers we profile will have received some form of international exposure either from distribution, press coverage, special initiatives, or critical acclaim that has firmly placed them on the map.
✓ Industry Endorsed
Designers must be industry-endorsed with recognition and accolades, both from their peers and within the wider fashion industry in order to be eligible.



Designers must demonstrate creativity and innovation. Aesthetically, all products must feel elevated in their design characteristics.


Well crafted, skilled and artisanal design is by nature conscious and considered. We also value fair and transparent supply chains.


Designers must demonstrate an emotional connection to their roots, as told through their designs, referencing their heritage and/or environment.


We seek to showcase the full spectrum of fashion designers, not only in terms of their brand but also their execution; this means diversity of thought process, perspectives and sensibility.


Each brand must bring something new to the conversation, possessing a unique voice that can position them as a brand that will gain global recognition.


Industrie Africa’s Sustainability icon Sustainable celebrates the designers adhering to sustainable principles within their businesses. While all brands featured on Industrie Africa cater to the conscious shopper, the clearly marked icon offers you the choice to invest in brands that are taking exceptional steps toward positive change in our industry.

Industrie Africa’s Sustainability icon celebrates the designers intentionally and transparently adhering to sustainable principles within their businesses. Designers on Industrie Africa who have been awarded the Sustainability icon are hand-picked for their efforts within the below criteria.

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Brands adhering to this pillar take action to lessen the impact of manufacturing processes, such as conserving water and energy in the process of raw materials, using natural and low-impact dyeing techniques, and waste reduction treatments. Brands also consider the following ways to reduce impact on the environment: the use of natural materials and fibers in production; materials that have low environmental impact or reduce environmental impact (including the use of sustainably-sourced animal skins as by-products); and the adoption of processes that employ renewable energy.

Brands that make clear and straight-forward information available regarding where products are made and the makers that make them. Material sourcing is a considered process, and enables decent working conditions that minimize any negative impact on local people and the environment. Brands must ensure all workers in its operations have decent working conditions that adhere to minimum labour standards, including fair wages and treatment.

Brands that support local talent, skills and craftsmanship that make up the informal economy while preserving heritage and handiwork. Intrinsic to this pillar are brands that create products with longevity and durability in mind, and see the value in traditional skill revival and how it benefits communities.

Brands that design with circularity in mind, using creatively and innovatively recycled, upcycled or repurposed materials in production; products themselves are recyclable or designed with the intention of eventual reuse.

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Our index is reviewed on a quarterly basis. If you are a designer that meets the criteria and would like to participate in this listing, please fill in our application form and our team will review your application for the next intake.

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