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Tolulope Oye

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Meji Meji was founded by Lagos-born, New York-based entrepreneur Tolu Oye in 2020. With a particular focus on new-generation customers who appreciate cultural diversity, value aesthetics, and are conscious consumers, Meji Meji highlights the beauty in nostalgia through its casual yet polished aesthetic inspired by Nollywood and the Juju Music Era. Crafted by local artisans using hand-picked deadstock fabrics, Meji Meji's unique creations fuse traditional motifs and methods with a youthful aesthetic, offering something distinctly modern and of the moment. Effortlessly cool graphic tees make up a large portion of the brand’s offering, while items like fitted minidresses with cheeky cutouts and bucket hats round out the collections. There's a distinct air of nostalgia that permeates the brand, something that’s seen in the seventies-like, Nollywood imagery emblazoned on some of their pieces, as well as their campaign imagery, much of which utilizes the same throwback style.

Derived from the Yoruba word for “double”, the brand name comes from a popular Nigerian gospel song Oye remembers singing as a child. Its lyrics—"Everything na double double”—translate to the idea of blessings coming two-fold to those who believed.

Meji Meji aims to create pieces that celebrate Nigerian culture, invoke pride in African cultures, and prompt people to explore their roots. Established in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic while Oye was wrapping up her fifth year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, the brand began with the production of over 200 face masks. Soon after their launch, their bucket hat and face mask combo was picked up for sale by luxury department store, Nordstrom. Since then, customers have come to appreciate the high quality and functionality of the brand’s pieces, as well as their vibrant color pallets and bold styles.

In 2022, Meiji Meji was second runner up in the Topshop Fashion and Design Grant, a unique programme established to aid emerging brands with scale-up capital, global visibility partnerships, and mentorship opportunities.