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Jennifer Mulli, Anthony Mulli

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Founded by Jennifer Mulli in 2016, Jiamini is a Kenya-based fashion and accessories label made for women by women. Known for their extravagant beaded necklaces, bracelets, and bags, the brand merges fresh modern patterns and colour palettes with age-old craft traditions to create opulent and striking “body armour” designed to accentuate the feminine form.

Named for the Kiswahili word for “believe in yourself”, Jiamini’s utilizes design and storytelling to transform traditional pieces into wearable contemporary jewelry. Brought to life by skilled female artisans, Jiamini’s collections are teeming with elaborate beaded collars and sculptural takes on earrings and arm cuffs, each created through an innovative design approach that prioritizes renewable resources. The brand seeks to combine timeless traditional technique, craftsmanship, and heritage with a touch of modernity.

At the heart of Mulli’s mission lies the desire to empower women. With Jiamini, she’s been able to focus on this pursuit, creating new jobs for Kenyan women through the design of demand driven products, uplifting women through ethical employment pathways, and helping communities rise above poverty through economic empowerment.

In 2020, Jiamini was chosen from a pool of 250 applicants as one of five African talents to participate in the Ethical Fashion Initiative’s first Accelerator Programme, and is set to reveal their latest collections in 2021 during Pitti Uomo, the famed bi-annual international menswear trade show. “The diversity of African culture and creativity has always been the foundation of our brand,” Jiamini explained to Paper Magazine on their selection for the programme, “closely examining the craftsmanship, heritage and traditional approach used by our forefathers, which have been a strong influence in our designs. Our African heritage has enabled us to communicate an authentic expression of the past, present and future, through design.”


-Ethical Fashion Initiative Accelerator Program, 2020