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Anne Nathalie Moth

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Meaning “mademoiselle” in the Cameroonian dialect, OMÔL is a Cameroon-based and born brand founded in 2018 by Nathalie Chebou Moth. Underpinned by an ethos of eco-consciousness and community upliftment, OMÔL’s collections are constructed using upcycled materials while their business model is to nurture and provide employment to a team of local artisans and craftsmen. Considering themselves to be at the crossroads of modern and traditional Africa, the brand is focused on creating a wardrobe inspired by the bold, free, and cool African woman.

“As a woman myself, I wanted to tell a fashion story about celebration,” Moth told Glamour South Africa. “This collection is the complete wardrobe of the fine and free-minded women we all looked up to when we were young. A woman who is charismatic, fearless, and does things solely for herself.”

OMÔL offers creative, colorful collections which are a fusion of bold prints, modern tailoring, and ornate details such as hand embellishments, each one signed with the name of the artisan responsible for its creation—an element that the brand hopes will create a deep connection between them and the wearer. Crafted from fabric found in the local markets of Douala as well as high-end, dead-stock textiles from a variety of French fashion brands, OMÔL creates limited editions of trans-seasonal pieces designed to become long-lasting wardrobe staples. Any print that sells out is never repeated and each new range tells a fresh story.

Created with women of varying shapes and sizes in mind, OMÔL’s offering of sizes range from 34 to 46 and are adapted to suit the needs of French and Cameroonian women and not exclude anyone.