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An emerging sustainable fashion label from Nigeria, Pepper Row was founded in 2018 by Omafume Niemogha. One of 2020’s participants in the inaugural Arise 30 Under 30: The New Stars initiative, the label made a splash for its experimental, pop-hued, and whimsical designs that prioritize artisanal craftsmanship, quality, and ethically sustainable production processes. Drawing influences from age-old traditional crafts including hand weaving and Batik dyeing techniques, the brand strives to embody a quality of freedom and versatility while communicating a reverence for indigenous processes.

For Pepper Row, sustainability is non-negotiable. Theirs is a strong zero-waste approach that highlights the need for conscious consumption, and the brand regularly utilizes scrap materials that would otherwise end up in landfills as well as other methods of upcycling in their production processes. Pepper Row also prioritizes collaborating with, upskilling, and empowering the artisans of the small communities in Nigeria who work with them to produce their pieces.

Since its establishment, Pepper Row has been steadily garnering global attention, popping up on many publications’ lists of new brands to watch for their eccentric ensembles—inspired by elements of interior design, think unconventional matching sets and separates emblazoned with eye-catching 3D illustrations, raffia detailing, voluminous ruffled dresses, and a range of playful accessories.


  • Fashion Scout, Ones to Watch Award, Winner, 2021