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Randall T. Bachner

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A gender neutral label based out of Marrakech, Morocco, Marrakshi Life takes key style elements from the traditional Moroccan wardrobe and updates them into original, contemporary, and wearable design pieces. Launched in 2013 by New York-based fashion photographer Randall Bachner (a 2011 trip to the North African country piqued his interest in local artisanship), the brand uses ancient techniques including traditional Moroccan weaving practices to create clothing that’s deeply inspired by the vibrant energy of the city of Marrakech.

Working exclusively with fabrics that are hand-woven in their atelier from raw cotton material imported from Turkey and Egypt as well as cut-offs from already produced garments, Marrakshi Life works closely with Moroccan artisans and weavers to create fresh modern patterns and colour palettes. Meticulous cuts and luxury materials infuse the delivery of sharp, refined and timeless pieces, while dynamic draping and billowing shapes communicate a modern elegance. The resulting collections are unisex with loose-cut and utilitarian silhouettes in vivacious hues.

“I chose Morocco because I was inspired by the artisan weavers,” Bachner told The Daily Beast. “Seeing what they were doing, I was inspired to add my vision to their technique. The light and the vibrancy of the city really inspired me and made it one of the few places that I could imagine living.”

Marrakshi Life is committed to supporting responsible manufacturing via sustainable, low impact production methods. Inside the atelier, a sense of community is continually fostered to ensure a space that encourages creativity, free thinking and collaboration, while production processes that include wooden looms manually powered by two sets of hands keep their environmental impact as low as possible. From spinning the yarn to the weaving process on warp and weft flatbed looms, the team prepares each garment at the atelier, and the Atelier is open to visitors who are interested to learn about the many steps of handweaving.

Since launching, Marrakshi Life has garnered significant international attention including notable features in major publications like Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, and Paper Magazine, the latter of which saw Colombian singer and rapper J. Balvin donning the label’s pieces.