Designed by

Funke Ola, Ijeoma Jibunoh & Abisose Ola

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Founded in 2015 by Funke Ola, Ijeoma Jibunoh, and Abiose Ola, FIA is a Nigerian fashion brand whose effortlessly elegant, highly wearable garments can be characterized by their geometric cuts, unique line placements, color blocking, and signature mixture of prints. The three women’s love for travel and cognizance of the minimal representation of modern African fashion internationally motivated them to add their voices to this space with an eclectic, quirky and artsy range of designs that are inspired by the modern woman. Using vibrant colors and eccentric prints and shapes, FIA’s collection of voluminous dresses, expertly tailored pencil skirts, patchwork trousers, and more exude a quiet confidence that’s palpable.

As a brand, FIA strongly believes in sustainable responsibility, a consciousness that shines through in their creation of quality, ethically crafted garments. It is important to them to develop a symbiotic relationship between their garments, consumers and the environment. FIA uses mostly linen and cotton materials in their production due to its biodegradable, breathable nature and its ability to hold some of their more structural designs. Additionally, a major part of the brand’s efforts toward environmental social responsibility is repurposing their deadstock fabrics to make quality garments for orphans within their community.

Since 2016, FIA has shown in numerous fashion events including the GTB Fashion Weekend. The brand also showcased their designs at the Dior Chimamanda Fashion gala held in Lagos in 2019 and participated in Lagos Fashion Design Week 2021 through the Green Access platform.


  • LFDW Green Access, Finalist