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Kenza Bennani

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Luxury accessories label New Tangier was founded in 2014 by Kenza Bennani. Named after the bustling Moroccan city, the brand was inspired by the city’s multicultural and vibrant environment, as well as its rich history that bridges both Arabic and European cultures. Bennani’s designs fuse together these cultures, each piece serving as a tribute to the rich heritage of the brand’s North African setting. Inspired by a desire to celebrate, honor and revive Moroccan craft, the designer often reinterprets tradition with a contemporary flair.

Each accessory, ranging from chic shoulder bags to colorful wristlets shows off local techniques and fabrics while paying close attention to elegant, yet functional details. Collections are crafted by Moroccan artisans, who are chief collaborators of the label; the designer believes this helps to preserve traditional craft, and showcase the expertise and creativity of Moroccan craftsmen to a wider, global audience. Their pieces (the oversize Karima tote is a cult favourite) have incidentally garnered a small cult following including the likes of European editor-at-large of Vogue, Hamish Bowles, and designer Jasper Conran.