Designed by

Lezanne Viviers

Production Location

South Africa

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Founded by Lezanne Viviers in 2019, Viviers is the Johannesburg-based concept clothing brand offering artful, limited edition pieces made from upcycled dead-stock fabrics. Previously the Creative Director at Marianne Fassler, Viviers started her brand out of a desire to celebrate individuality. Speaking to Nataal of how her years at Marianna Fassler guided her, she explained, “After gaining wonderful experience in a luxury environment and exploring the language of another brand, I felt it was the right time to be introspective and explore my own vision.” According to Viviers, what she has created is more than just clothing; rather it’s a creative community that “challenges the norms by answering questions that perhaps still need to be asked… The brand bridges gaps by creating a manifesto where narratives meet in the raw form of the arts.”

Meticulously crafted by local artisans using sustainable practices, Viviers’ design sensibilities redefine standard notions of luxury through a marriage of femininity and androgyny. The brand also greatly prioritizes textile waste, individually hand-cutting garments and reusing luxurious found fabrics in many of their designs. Focused on creating trans-seasonal and versatile pieces that are made with integrity, Viviers discards fleeting trends in a quest to make quality pieces that possess true longevity. In 2020, Viviers made its debut at Berlin Fashion Week, unveiling a collection that was a reflection of its designer’s love for experimental silhouettes; one of a kind prints and a fearless embracing of the avant-garde resulted in a series of richly textured and acclaimed conceptual looks. And though a common thread of the unconventional runs through all of her work, each of her collections are imbued with a playful and open spirit, her garments feel fluid, curious, and unafraid of change.