Designed by

Patrick Mavros

Production Location

Mauritius, Zimbabwe

Year launched


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The Patrick Mavros brand was conceived almost four decades ago, when founder Patrick Mavros carved a pair of earrings for his wife, Catja. She wore them to the hair salon, where the hairdresser fell in love with them and instantly requested a pair for herself. From this loving gift, a booming jewelry business was born, growing into what is today recognized as a luxury brand with a distinctively African feel. The Mavros family home, combined with their workshop and wildlife sanctuary, is located in the hilly outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe. The brand holds family close to its heart: the Mavros sons—Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jr. and Benjamin—are passionately involved in the family business, and since Patrick Mavros’ inception, the brothers spent their spare time in the studio and workshop, experimenting with materials and designs. Speaking with LOOK Magazine about his designs, Mavros said: "My pieces are proper stories. They are all about real things that have happened in my life, generations of life in my country, and now in my sons’ lives.”

As the brand continues to grow (they’ve been featured in the Financial Times, Architectural Digest and The Independent among other major international publications, and have a flagship store in London as well as locations in Nairobi and Mauritius), Mavros ensures each sterling silver and 18-karat gold piece is handcrafted with precision, the spirit of family and Zimbabwean heritage always front of mind. The family’s love of wildlife is palpable in each intricate piece, and they maintain a fierce commitment to protecting and preserving Zimbabwe’s wildlife, including the endangered Pangolin—a creature that takes center stage in many of their designs.


  • Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Nominee, 2016