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Mehdi Benosman, Mustapha Benosman, Alice Benosman

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Founded by husband and wife duo Alice and Mehdi Benosman alongside Mehdi’s twin brother Mustapha, MYKILIM is a Morroccon-made, Paris-designed accessories brand specializing in handbags and small leather goods. The trio behind MYKILIM were spurred to start the brand after embarking on a tour of the North African country together. Inspired by the tapestry of cultures they encountered, the idea to begin a creative business took root and they soon began work on what would become a bold brand that Alice says highlights the beauty of Morocco to the entire world. “Fashion is a bridge between people that connects us to one another,” she told Industrie Africa in 2020.

Powered by a mission to introduce the craftsmanship and ancient weaving techniques of Morrocoon artisans to a global market, their striking pieces merge a French design aesthetic with touches of the indegenous fabric known as kilim, a flat woven tapestry often rendered in rich, warm colors. MYKILIM’s offering includes timeless designs like crossbody bags, handheld satchels, and backpacks onto which panels of kilim in shades of blue, green, cream, and red are sewn onto brightly hued repurposed leather cutoffs. For the Benosmans, creating from a perspective of sustainability is of great importance and toward this end, the team works with around 30 different Morroccon artisans who construct the bags from scratch.

Following the brand’s 2014 launch, they quickly accrued a wide fanbase, securing a coveted spot on the floor of London’s famed department store Harrods in 2018, and collaborated with visual artist Melissa Mitchel and popular influencer Rocky Barnes to develop collections inspired by the “magic of Marrakech.”