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Hailing from Nigeria, jewelry designer Adele Dejak began her career studying typography design in the United Kingdom, before moving to Nairobi to pursue accessory design. Since 2008, her eponymous line has imbued a dynamic fusion of Nigerian heritage, European influences and her current Kenyan surroundings, becoming a staple for women who look to adorn themselves in convention-defying statement jewelry. The key to Dejak’s success, as described by CNN, can be credited to “creating accessories that combine contemporary style and Kenya’s traditions” and was dubbed a “stand out (brand) in Nairobi” by the media network.

Dejak originally began creating jewelry because of her struggle to find pieces that she connected with, and though she didn't possess much of an entrepreneurial background at the time, the positive responses she heard from others gave her the confidence to launch her label. Today, the designer is dedicated to using solely recycled and environmentally-friendly materials, her collections crafted by artisans from brass and aluminium which are then carefully sculpted into luxurious, conceptual pieces, each possessing a timeless, wearable art quality.

Creating a line rich in influences from across the continent, Dejak has emerged as a champion of individual style, landing collaborations with the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, and in 2013 she was selected to collaborate with regional designers including Pichulik, Loin Cloth & Ashes, and Laurenceairline, on bespoke pieces for the Samsung x Mercedes Benz Amaze Africa Fashion Week in Pretoria, South Africa. Famously, the designer’s bold sculptural pieces were also given the stamp of approval by Beyoncé, when the star donned Dejak’s creations in her acclaimed music film, Black is King.


  • Fashions Finest Africa, Accessories Designer of the Year Nominee, 2019
  • Fashions Finest Africa, Bag Designer of the Year Nominee, 2019
  • Swahili Fashion Week, Designer of the Year Kenya, 2018
  • Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, Global Brand Award Finalist, 2018
  • Kenya Fashion Awards, Jewellery Accessory Designer of the Year, 2017