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Eszter Rabin, Rebecca Olivia Moore

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Inspired by the celebrated beadwork of the East African Maasai people, Sidai Designs is a Tanzanian jewelry label that produces high-end, striking pieces in collaboration with artisans from the region. From white glass beaded earrings gilded with silver to classic hoop earrings adorned with zircon gems, their support of local Maasai craftswomen is part of a larger goal of heritage preservation and job creation.

Though the label didn’t launch its first collection until 2015, the Sidai Designs story began long before that. Since 2011, designers Eszter Rabin and Rebecca Olivia Moore have been working to bring their striking jewelry designs to life. The number of women employed by Sidai Maasai Women Organization—a nationally recognized NGO based in Tanzania—grew, and by 2014, a large studio space was opened in the bustling city of Arusha to continue expanding both the NGO and the brand side by side. The Sidai Center now stands as an oasis of calm and a hub of creativity, surrounded by lush gardens that sit in the shadow of Mount Meru.

The focus of Sidai Designs’ work is sustainability: its priority is to provide a regular income and an education to its predominantly female staff, as well as granting them access to social programmes. Each collection is deeply rooted in Maasai culture and tradition—employees use traditional beading techniques to create remarkable pieces, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets, which have garnered acclaim across the world.


  • International Folk Market's One World Awards, Living Traditions Award, 2019